Top 5 Kids Party Cakes of 2015

You may be wondering what cake to arrange for your little ones next themed birthday. Well here are the top 5 cakes currently doing their rounds in South Africa.

1.Frozen Theme
Topping the charts this year with frosty icing and princess sparkles is the Frozen themed cake. Whether it’s an actual Elsa cake or a two tier masterpiece, this year all the little princesses around the country are wanting Frozen themed cakes and birthday parties. The colour scheme for the Frozen cake is blue, white, purple and silver. The hit Disney movie has indeed proven to be very popular amongst little girls and boys around the world and Frozen themed birthday parties are an absolute hit.

2. Minions (Despicable Me)
Whether it’s because they’re incredibly funny or incredibly cute, Minions have become favorites amongst young children (and adults). These little yellow creatures top the list in second place as most favourite birthday cake theme in 2015. Options vary from sitting minions to pictures of Minions on a square cake to Minion cupcakes. Your party is sure to be a hit if these hilarious little beings are the theme. Minion birthday cakes are delicious and fun.

3. Planes
Third in line is a favourite with little boys, as Plane themed birthday cakes become a hit in 2015. These zooming planes will create a buzz at any parties and your little man can choose colours and size of his cake. Aeroplane birthday cakes are an excellent choice if your little boy is passionate about transport and aeroplanes.

4. Ninja Turtles
Again one for the boys, a Ninja Turtle themed birthday cake is a firm favorite amongst boys and girls this year. “Turtle Power” themed birthday parties are doing their rounds across the country as the 4 famous turtles beat the baddies. Your little boy will be wowed by a Ninja Turtle birthday cake and be the hero of his party.

5. Barbie
Finally at number 5 is the firm favorite, Barbie. Barbie cakes have been popular since the 1950’s when Barbie was first sold. Little girls all over the world love the beautiful Barbie and often request Barbie parties and Barbie cakes for their birthdays. Originally launched in 1959 by Mattel Inc, Barbie has survived and thrived as a top toy choice for the last 50 years, and it is no difference in 2015. There are so many variations on the Barbie cake that your little princess can have her pick of pretty pink ideas.

There you have it, above are the top 5 cakes for childrens birthday parties. If you want to explore some other ideas for party cakes then have a look at our extensive range of birthday cakes for children.