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How to plan the perfect Baby Shower

Whether it’s for your own, a friends or a relatives, planning the perfect baby shower can be easy, fun and exciting. After all, the imminent arrival of a little bundle of joy is such a wonderful occasion and should be celebrated.

Here are some of the most important elements to remember when planning a baby shower.

Choose your baby shower theme
The first step is to choose your theme, you can then plan everything else around this and it makes decisions on colours, decorations and games far easier. Perhaps a special delivery theme or teddy bear or stroller theme appeals to you, or if the babys gender hasn’t been revealed yet you can choose a fun gender reveal theme to surprise the guests. Popular themes also include Winnie the Pooh, Safari Animals or Baby Owls.

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Choose a date for your baby shower
Try to choose a date at least 2 months before the baby’s due date. This way you still have time to buy the necessities that you may not have received at the Baby Shower. In the 2 months before the baby is born the “nesting instincts” kick in and most moms want to start packing bags, washing clothes and generally start getting ready for their baby’s arrival. The baby might also decide it wants to enter the world early and it’s not ideal for this to happen before the baby shower has taken place.

Set up a gift registry
Apart from being so much fun, setting up a gift registry for a baby shower is very practical and easy. This way your guests know which gifts you really need and won’t waste their money on something that has no use to you, or you already have. Baby shower gift registries are available at Baby City, Woolworths and more.

Choose a baby shower venue
If you want to have your baby shower at a venue, be sure to book this well in advance, before sending out invitations. There are some beautiful venues available that cater to baby showers and are well experienced and professional in dealing with this special day. It is also very common to host a baby shower at a friend or relatives’ house, so whichever you choose it’s bound to be a beautiful occasion.

Send out invitations
Now that you’ve chosen the theme for your baby shower, put a guest list together and send out themed invitations to those you would like to invite. Make sure you have an RSVP date so that you know how many guests are coming close to the time. This makes planning so much easier. Be sure to include your baby shower gift registry reference number in the invitation too.

Planning food and drinks
The time of day you’re hosting your baby shower will influence what food and drinks you serve. You could arrange a brunch with croissants, scones, muffins, teas and coffees, or rather an afternoon tea with mini sandwiches, canapes and pastries. In your invitation don’t forget to ask whether there are any allergies or food requirements and cater for these guests too. For the mom-to-be, make sure you have food that she can eat (I.e. no sushi or soft cheeses). A nice touch is to have a themed non-alcoholic punch for the mom-to-be such as pink cooler if she’s having a girl or blue splash for a boy.

Planning baby shower games
A baby shower wouldn’t be complete without fun games to play. There are a variety baby shower games that have been tried and tested and your imagination can really run wild here. Try not to plan more than two however as mom-to-be will need her rest and probably quite enjoy just relaxing and talking to her guests for some of the time too.

Buying baby shower decorations
Dress your venue for fun and celebration. There is so much available to choose from, themed serviettes, plates, cups, tablecloths and more. Sprinkle little bottle, dummy and It’s a girl/boy confetti on tables and display pretty mobiles, multi-coloured banners or stork wind spinners to really brighten up the room. The choices are endless and you can really do as much or as little as you wish.

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With a bit of love, effort and time your baby shower is bound to be a huge success


If you are planning to have a large event then don’t forget your event wristbands.