The Easter-Bunny Show

Do your kids love the magic of Easter? The Easter bunny, chocolates and an Easter egg hunt all add to the excitement of this magical holiday. Create special memories for your little ones by recreating this in your very own garden. Our Easter Bunny show will come to you! It includes a real live Easter Bunny that will delight children of all ages with an Easter dance followed by an extra special Easter-egg hunt. Let their imaginations run wild while they spend hours hunting in bushes and trees for their sweet treats.

What you will need:

A garden or suitable open space to create the Easter-egg hunt – make sure there are some shaded areas available if it’s a hot day.
Lots of excited children
Juice or refreshments to quench the thirsts of the busy egg hunters

The enchanting Easter-egg hunt will be followed by various Easter crafting to further entertain your little bunnies.
After such a fun filled day your children are bound to go to sleep with smiles on their faces.

Mobile Pizza Workshop

If your kids love cooking, baking and eating, then this is for them! Let our Mobile Pizza Oven and Chef come to you. We provide all ingredients, dough, hats, aprons and pizza boxes to create a fun filled day of Italian feasting. Your children can roll freshly made dough and see how their creations bake in the mobile pizza oven.

Once ready they can munch away at their delicious home-made pizzas, sharing their masterpieces with their friends.

As if freshly made pizzas are not enough, candy floss will follow to round off a memorable day.

Included: Chef, Pizza Oven, Pizza Dough, hats, aprons, pizza boxes, candy floss

What you will need:

A garden or open space suitable to place the oven.
A table and chairs for the kiddies to roll their dough and make their pizzas
Juice or refreshments to hydrate busy little chefs

Rhythms of Africa Dance

Clap your hands and stamp your feet to the rhythm of Africa. It is said that dance can release stress and create endorphins and a person will feel more relaxed,focused and productive after a session.

The audience will be amazed by the incredible African drummer’s performance with interactive clapping and singing. This is followed by expertly sequenced and performed Gumboot and Zulu dancing that will have the audience shouting for more.focused and productive after a session. Let our dancers come to you to blast energy into your day. Use this for team builds, parties or just as a fun afternoon activity.

A drumming workshop will follow.

What you will need:
A large space
Your inner drummer

Fantasy Cupcakes with Cherry on Top

Do your children love getting their hands dirty by crafting up a storm, then this is for them! Cupcakes made of soap! They smell delicious and look good enough to eat, but the all the fun lies in making them. We will bring everything needed for an afternoon or morning of busy bee crafting. Children can create soap cupcakes of any shape or size. This is an excellent activity to stimulate senses and allow children to improve their cognitive and fine motor skills. Above all it is loads of fun and something completely different. Excellent for a kids party or even a kitchen tea or babyshower if your friends prefer getting crafty.

To top this fun activity off, we provide candy floss to satisfy any sweet tooth.

What you will need:

Tables and chairs for kids to sit at while crafting away
Prepare to have many baths where your kids can test their soap out


Willy Wonka has nothing compared to this! Engage your children in a magical wonderland of chocolate! Here they will have the opportunity to create their own chocolate sweets with fillings and flavours. They can choose from a variety of flavours to suit their tastebuds and be absorbed in the fun process of making their favourite food. We will bring all that is needed to you and make delectable treats together with your little baker.

So in case not enough chocolate has been devoured on the day, we will set up a milkshake bar to quench the little ones milky cravings too.

This chocolaty day is sure to be remembered for years to come.

Bakerman Biscuit-Making

All children love baking. Whether it’s mixing batter or rolling dough, it’s a fun activity that they become completely absorbed in. Why not arrange a Bakerman Biscuit-making workshop for your childs birthday party or as a fun holiday activity with friends? We will provide an expert Bakerman who will make up fresh cookie dough for the kids to roll out. They will then press the dough into their favourite cookie shapes and watch as they bake in the oven. After a funfilled morning or afternoon they can enjoy their delectable treat together with soft-serve ice-cream that we will provide.

An excellent activity for children to increase their attention span and utilise their fine motor skills and problem solving skills all whilst having loads of fun.

Hamburger Building (Traditional or Vegetarian)

Make your own burger. What better way is there to enjoy a sunny day than making your own burger to your exact tastes. Kids love this activity and will even have the chance to make their own burger buns for the chef to bake. Once the buns are baked our Chef grills up the patties to succulent perfection. Children are able to choose from a selection of fresh veggies, cheese and burger sauces to build their perfect hamburger.

If there’s room enough for dessert after their mouth-watering burgers, candy floss will follow.

Santa and Elves

Christmas is a wonderous and exciting time for children and adults alike. We love this happy holiday and have very special guests available to come to come to your children’s party. Yes, Santa and his Elves often visit us and love coming to your parties. All they need is an invitation from you and they will be there. Santa will bring sweet treats and hand out slush-puppies and candy floss to enjoy (a delicacy in the North Pole) whilst the Elves get busy in their workshop helping children create their own gifts.

Our mobile Chef will also join in the fun and prepare a delicious Christmas meal to your taste.

So whether you’re naughty or nice, be sure to book Santa and his Elves at your Christmas party, be quick, he gets booked up really fast!

Please e-mail for more information.