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Inflatable Warrior Race

The Ultimate Inflatable Warrior Race

Who will be the ultimate Warrior?  This is an awesome challenge , fantastic obstacle course to challenge each other and have fun of course!!!  Perfect for team building , year end functions, school events etc.


Start Banner – 5m x 3m

Tyre Challenge 4 Lane – 10m x 4m

Sack Race

Leopard Crawl 4 Lane – 10m x 4m

4 Piece Gladiator Track – 20m x 4m

Base Jump – 8m x 4m

Wipe out Big Ballers – 12m x 5m

Knock Down – 6m x 6m

Foam Run Through – 5m x 5m

Cargo Net – 4m x 6m

Finish Banner – 5m x 3m