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Halloween Party Supplies: 10 Essentials for a super Halloween party

Halloween is super fun time for the kids and family. If you planning a Halloween party make sure you stock up on some of the following Halloween goodies to make it the best Halloween party.

1. Pumpkins – first on the list is the orange vegetable that is synonymous with Halloween. No one is really sure as to the origin of cutting pumpkins out to create jack-o-lanterns but the fun activity and symbol has become a trademark of Halloween. So have fun with your kids and carve jack-o-lanterns together to spook guests at your Halloween party.

2. Halloween Costumes – no Halloween party is complete without an array of spooky, scary and sometimes hilarious costumes. Traditionally costumes are based on frightening or folkloric beings such as witches, zombies, skeletons and ghosts. However since the 1930’s characters from film, media and literature have become popular such as Superman, Cowboys and Fairies. Make sure you state clearly on your invitation to dress up and perhaps even consider a prize for the best dressed to up the fun factor. If you not sure what to dress up as then take a look at all our range of Halloween dress up costumes.

3. Trick or Treating – Trick or treating on Halloween originates from the medieval practice of souling, where poor people would go from door to door praying for the souls of the dead in return for food. This practice has since been adapted and allows children to have fun in the safety of their own neighbourhood. Make sure you stock up on sweets and treats so that enyou’re ready for any little vampire-lets that come to visit during Halloween.

4. Decorations – Spider webs, screaming skeletons, ghost garlands, creepy crawlies, skulls and more. Halloween decorations are a must for any real scary party. Ideally you should pick a Halloween theme to decorate your party venue. You can stick to one theme such as Haunted House, Zombies, Scary Pumpkins or Spiders or mix them all up to create a frightening fantasy land for your party guests. Choose from scary door covers, to monster cut outs to fake body parts and more. For your table accessories, you can have Halloween themed paper plates, serviettes, table covers and more, the options are endless. View our full range of Halloween decorations.

5. Scary music – to really set the scene, try to find recordings of ghostly noises, squawking crows, clanking bones or zombie moans. This is sure to give your guests a few Goosebumps.

6. Dry Ice or Fog Machine – to create a really spooky venue use the help of a fog machine to set the mood for an eerie evening. Dry Ice works well for short periods of time. Simply fill a container with very hot water and place a piece of dry ice in the water. Vapour will instantly appear. You can then place the container on a table as a fun centrepiece for games. If used for a Childrens party make sure that parental supervision is present as the container is full of hot water and can burn or scald.

7. Halloween Games – no Halloween party is complete without a few fun games such as apple-bobbing, pin the nose on the witch, musical tombstones or stalk the lantern. Keep your guests entertained and enthralled by using a few creative ideas and adjusting original party games to the Halloween theme.

8. Cakes and Food – Probably one of the most important aspects of your Halloween party is to feed your guests. You can really have fun here and indulge in the Halloween theme. Appetizers can include Spidery Web Nachos, Long and Short Monster Fingers, Spooky Spinach Dip in Bread bowl Cauldron, Ghost Toasts, Blood Soup Shots and more. Cakes can be themed and decorated in orange and black or in the shape of a ghost, mummy, spider or pumpkin. The ideas are really endless here.

9. Fun drinks – It’s always fun to create a ghoulish cauldron of punch that everyone can help themselves too. Have a look on the internet for some tasty Halloween recipes. It’s important to have enough for all your guests for the duration of the party so make sure you stock up on enough ingredients to last you the night.

10. Lighting – lastly you want to set the tone for your spooky soirée with some clever lighting. Halloween is an excellent opportunity to go wild with this. Dab a few multi-coloured battery operated tea lights around your venue or on tables, drape pumpkin fairy lights on the ceiling or hang lanterns in and around your venue to create a ghostlike gathering.

Above all, have fun planning and hosting your Halloween party, it is bound to be spooktastic!