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5 Different catering options for your event

Hosting an event or party now a days is simply more than your average bring and braai. Depending on what type of event you’re hosting, there are a variety of fun themes, décor, activities and special effects that you can hire, but most importantly, what will your guests eat? Parties and events are often structured around the menu and fun ideas build from there.

Here are 5 fun catering ideas:

A Taco Bar – bring the flavour of a Mexican fiesta to your event with a flaming Taco Bar as a catering option. Delicious Taco’s can be made onsite with a selection of sauces and toppings. Ramp up the fun factor at your event with a Piñata and sombreros and even throw in some fake moustaches and ponchos for giggles.

A Pizza Party – There are not many people who don’t like Pizza, in fact most people not only like but they Love Pizza. It’s easy to see why, with the delicious toppings, melt in your mouth cheese and a few herbs and spices thrown on, a Pizza will make anyones day. A really fun idea for your event is to hire a Pizza oven as a catering option and have pizza’s made to order or get the kids involved in making their own.

Chip and Dip – When you think of chip and dip you immediately think of the red checked flutes and chip stands don’t you? You also think of fun fares and theme parks where the smell of deep fried chips filter through the air. Why not create this ambiance at your next event by hiring a chip and dip stand as a catering option? It’s fun, delicious and cheap as (chips).


A Chocolate Fountain– Chocolate in most countries means: delicious! Great as a dessert of just to have available throughout your event as a catering option for guests to dip their marshmallows, fruit sticks or strawberries into. It creates a nice focal point as well as an area where guests can interact and have fun. Have a look at our chocolate fountain for hire.


A Paella Party – bring a touch of Spain to your event with this easy and delectable catering option. A large shallow pan is used to cook rice, chicken, beef, seafood or whatever other ingredients you request. This is an excellent catering option for a large number of guests where people stand or sit informally as opposed to a sit down dinner.

At Funtacee Parties we have a variety of catering option available for all your event needs. To hire our caterers, call us on 011 425 0689 to place your order with Funtacee Parties