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Winter Wonderland 2

To beat the chilly winter blues, why not host a winter wonderland party and hire Funtacee Parties Winter Wonderland package 2?

Winter Themed Parties

This package is perfect for large spaces where you really want to create an impact for your guests. This fun package includes a large snow machine to create oodles of snow, a fog machine, icicle lights, wintery white LED trees and a snowflake projector light. Now you don’t have to fantasize about a beautiful wintery wonderland but you can create your very own by hiring all your equipment from Funtacee Parties.

Large Snow Machine + 10L Fluid
Low Fog Machine
1 Packet Snow Powder (Makes 10L of Fake Snow)
2 x 2m Strand of Icicle Lights
2 x 1.5m White LED Trees
1 x Snowflake Projector Light